Taking a moment to say "thank you' goes such a long way!

I just got an email from Sam at The Bikemonger - now I have the biggest smile on my face ... To see what made Sam happy click through to the main page of this story

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Carry Freedom Y Trailers Are Back In Stock!

The container has arrived! We have all three models ready for shipping including the new 2022 Y XL Trailer. To celebrate this great news we're offering free hitches for second bicycles with the first fifty trailers sold.

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Carry Freedom Y Trailer "Fully Loaded"

Thanks to Nigel for sending in this photo of his much loved and well used Carry Freedom Y Trailer ready for his next adventure.

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Social Distancing

We are working daily from home so orders will only go out once or twice a week from the warehouse. Thanks for your understanding. You can contact us via the phone: 01392 829903 or email info@ambadistribution.co.uk Thank you

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Covid -19 and how to smile

Couldn't resist 'borrowing' this brilliant message from the lovely chaps at Bicycles By Design

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Carry Freedom To The Rescue

We just love this story from Craig at Mortons At Work. Using a double Carry Freedom Y trailer they deliver sandwiches in Oxford including a wonderful wedding at Christchurch Campus

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Bells Bells And More Bells

Everyone should have a bell on their bicycle but who says the bell has to be boring? Read on to see the fabulous range of new bells that have just arrived at Amba!

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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Just had to share the below image.... my daughter was in the school production of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory... the school chefs did us proud at the interval.... and it would be rude not to go back tonight for the final performance! Click into the news story to see the photo :-)

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Happy Kool Stop Customer

Daan Bongers has sent Kool Stop a thank you note. Daan has used Kool Stop pads for many years and he is a very happy customer.

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Danny MacAskill Strikes Again

Watch and enjoy....

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Product of the week - SWAP Foil Guards

Quick and easy to clip on and off the SWAP foils are sturdy, do a great job when needed and come in fun designs.

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AXA Delivery

Another AXA delivery has just arrived topping us up on products we were low on!

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Latest AXA Delivery

Our latest delivery from AXA just arrived... now I'm wondering how the driver will get out again as space is tight....See the photo in the main text. https://www.amba-marketing.com/products/grid?category=28

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The Latest New Products From Busch + Müller

How exciting! More new Busch + Müller products have just arrived at the warehouse. Read on for details.

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The µ has arrived!

Just arrived, the µ is a small cute & dinky alu E-Bike rear light from B+M - so small yet so bright! Fits mudguards and stays Love it! The dynamo version is imminent!

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Why not fit Kool Stop brake blocks, pads or disc pads to your bike!

Why do we recommend Kool Stop brake blocks and pads! - read the content to find out!

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Amba Offices Are Closed 21st - 23rd November

We're off to see some suppliers in Germany and the office will be closed. You can email any queries to info@amba-marketing.com and we'll do our best to respond promptly. If its not urgent we're back at the office on Monday 26th November

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The title says it all.... here's to a lovely weekend everyone :-)

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Be Safe - Be Seen

The nights are drawing in. Its time to give your bike its pre winter service and make sure that your lights are fully functioning and that other road users can clearly see you.

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Bells Bells and More Bells!

We've just had another delivery of our fantastic Trimobil bells and they're flying out the door with a lovely ring ring!  Gets yours soon before they run out again! 

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Welcome to the new Amba Website!

Its been a very long time in coming but finally we've bitten the bullet and created the new site.

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