Carry Freedom Y Trailers Are Back In Stock!

The Y trailers are very versitle with a huge range of uses, eco friendly, using one will save on fuel costs and CO2 emmissions. Your Carry Freedom Y trailer will help to keep you fit and healthy.  Sounds like a big claim but its true.  Whether you want to make a local short journey or travel the world your Carry Freedom Y trailer will help you achieve your goals.  The posibilities are endless - here's a few ways to enjoy your Y trailer:

  • Pop down to the grocery store
  • Take a forgotten kit bag to school without the hassle of parking nearby
  • Go to your allotment and bring home some fresh salad and veggies 
  • Take a picnic to the park
  • Go fishing
  • Take your surf board to the beach
  • Go camping with your tent and gear for the weekend
  • Deliver lunches and snacks to businesses 
  • Deliver post and parcels
  • Tour the world!

As you can see from the photos the container was very full when it arrived with us.  We'd like to send out a big big thank you to our good friends Pete and Ben from The Riverside Project who manfully unloaded the container.  We couldn't have done it without you guys!

XL Y Trailer - new for 2022

Designed for bigger loads with enhanced features and a new modern look the XL can be used for personal or business use.  For full details please Click Here

Special Offer:

For the first fifty trailers sold we are offering a Free second hitch worth £30.00.  Please let us know if you need the standard hitch or the E-Bike hitch.

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